Light shines…

I’m sick.  Sore throat,  cough, fever, staring out my window from bed, watching the light shine in, trying-to-get-better-kind-of-Sunday-afternoon.

Gazing on the rustling of the trees as the light shines through the window, God reminds me of a promise:

“My light shines in the dark.”

-John 1:5

As He whispers this on my heart, I thank Him.

More of God’s grace shining into my life–I’m humbled by this extravagant gift from our Father.

Just as the last leaves of Fall linger,  preparing God’s creation for coming winter, God too prepares our hearts for such seasons…we can’t stop “winter times” in our lives,  but we can believe he He will shine through them.

Thanking Him for shining through my winters.

Grace Gratitudes,