Grace Faith

Grateful for this gift of faith, inspiring me to celebrate grace gratitudes:

The Gift of Faith

Faith is the thread we hold onto when our life is falling apart.

We experience it when we see the power of an ocean and the fragility of a dried-up dandelion.

And we know that in such times we are in touch with the Spirit.

In describing this gift of faith, I am not saying that we always feel vibrant and confident.

Even the most spiritual and most faithful among us at times

have dark moments and gloomy moods.

But with faith we have resilience, we have a reservoir of courage,

strength and hope to draw on when we encounter pain.

And we stand ready to be used by the spirit in whatever plan God has for our lives.

When we feel the Spirit, it’s like coming out of a fog.

We know it can get foggy again, but we also know that there’s sunshine behind the fog,

and the mists will clear, and the Spirit will shine through once again.

The light of the Spirit frees people, unburdens them,

fosters growth and transformation and allows them to make healthy choices.

Spirit comes to us like wind blowing through and through–

taking away pretenses, games, phoniness.

We are who we are. We are set free.

And free people help to set others free.”

-Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse