Keep Flying Little Fly

The oimagether day I was sitting in my car, needing some time to pass before venturing to my next stop. While taking advantage of the time to catch my breath, a fly submerged who I thought had been set free the day before. At first I was annoyed, thinking, “Why are you still here?” Then the fly began to catch my attention in a compassionate manner, as I watched the poor little guy fumble and bumble around-and-around-and-around in the car… even though he had four fully open windows to find an exit — an exit in my mind seemingly very obvious even for a fly — I realized the beauty in this little fly was not the reward of freedom; rather, his effort in trying. This little fly tried, and tried, and tried.

My heart smiled as our Holy Spirit spoke to me through this little fly’s buzzing around — this little fly did not give up, nor does God, nor should we. If we give the journey to God, and let God be God and show us the way, as long as we are trying that’s what matters. And like the fly, in our trying we can share God’s good news of grace, just like this little fly did for me.

“Keep flying… fly, fly, fly!”

Grace Gratitudes,