Holy Spirit our Advocate



Blessed reflections…

Toimagemorrow is the day.

The day of the anniversary of saying goodbye to my precious Daddy.

Last year at his memorial I “stubborn-ed” to keep the day of his loss, happening to also be the same day he walked me down the isle 25 years earlier, both in respectful unison to my heart.

Indeed I stand by this, feeling my Dad’s strong and study arm as I gaze down the isle in my mind’s eye towards my soon to be husband.

As my husband and I prepare to celebrate our 26th tomorrow, and reflect on my dad, our determined self care is celebrated and therapeutic. But friends, I can’t help but say I miss my Dad oh-so-words-cannot-describe much.

Opening this very, very unexpected, most thoughtful card breathed comfort all over my heart. Reminder I’m not alone. God works in mysterious ways as this was just the right card, from just the right person, at just the right time for me to also remember to turn my attention to the comfort of our Holy Spirit.

So, so blessed.

Grace Gratitudes,